Pup Boarding



Heading out of town but you can’t find a sitter for your pup(s)? Give us a call  (760) 295-6540! Giddy Up Pup offers a safe, fun and cozy environment that is sure to make your pet feel at home when you can’t be.

Our facility offers cage-free boarding and spacious play areas for your pup to play to their hearts desire. Our overnight campers are sure to enjoy sleeping in a pack setting with other pups and our trustworthy staff by their side. After a full day of romping and socializing your pup will have the option to cuddle up next to his pack pals, or choose a cozy spot for themselves. We provide individual, snug beds and blankets for each pup. 

*All pups 7 months and older must be spayed/neutered to attend daycare

* Please note that all boarding reservations during holidays/peak dates will require a $50 deposit. If your reservation is canceled without a 24 hour notice your deposit will be forfeited, otherwise this deposit will go towards your pups final boarding cost upon checkout.

What’s Included?

  • A full day of play is included 
  • Text updates and alerts about your pups stay
  • Comfortable, stress free environment, to reduce anxiety
  • Feeding and medication administration
  • All inclusive boarding! Medication administration, text updates, and a bedtime dessert are included for all pups boarding with us. 

Book your pups Boarding Reservations 24 hours in advance:

  • We cannot always accommodate last minute requests- so to ensure your boarding reservation is secured, it is highly recommended that boarding reservations are created MINIMALLY 24 hours prior to your pups desired stay. 

Drop-off Info:

  • Drop-Off Schedule: Monday-Friday, between 7AM-12PM
  • Drop-Off Schedule: Saturday-Sunday, between 9AM-12PM
  • If picking up on a Sunday- pick-up times are between 9AM-3PM!
  • We will not accept drop-offs later than 12PM for boarding, as it can interrupt the other pups schedules and pack experience.
  • We can accommodate early drop-offs for a fee, but the early drop-off time must be confirmed with staff prior to your pups reservation!

What to bring:

  • Your pups food (either in a sealed container OR pre-packaged per meal)
  • Medication, if needed


Our facility offers cage-free boarding and spacious play areas for your pup to play to their hearts desire. We have crates available upon request, for those pups that prefer some privacy and personal space when sleeping!

$70 per night

$80 per night on major holidays 

*If picking up after 10AM you will be charged a discounted daycare rate of $20 per pup. This does not apply to pups with Membership Packages.