Our Pup Grooming Spa offers a wide variety of services- from nail trims, baths&drys and full haircuts!

For many pets bathing can be a stressful experience, so when pampering your pups our main goal is to provide a comfortable and stress-free experience for your furry family members. All full grooming/haircuts and full-service bath&drys require an appointment, and include a nail trim, gentle teeth brushing, anal gland expression and ear refresh- not to mention all of the gentle love and smooches from our groomer



Grooming (Haircut)

Small: $80 and up

Medium: $90 and up

Large: $100 and up

Extra-Large: $110 and up

*Includes: bath, haircut, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and brush out 


Full-Service Bath&Dry 

Short Hair Baths:

Small: $45

Medium: $55

Large: $65

Extra-Large: $70 and up

Long Hair Baths (Huskies, Akitas, Australian/German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers etc):

Small: $60

Medium: $70

Large: $80

Extra-Large: $90 and up

*Includes: bath, nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning and brush out 

A la Carte 

Nail Trim: $22

Ear Wipe/freshen: $12

Ear Cleaning (flushing of the ear, clearing out debris): $32

Breath Refresh (non-anesthetic): $10

Anal Gland Expression: $24

Paw Pad Shave: $18

De-Shedding: $25-35

Undercoat (Huskies, Akitas, Australian/German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers etc.): Starts at $45

Sanitary Clip: $15-20


*Please note that all grooming appointments other than A La Carte items will require a $15 deposit. This deposit will be forfeited if your reservation is canceled without a 24 hour notice.

*If you are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment without having contacted us, your appointment will be canceled, and your deposit will be forfeited. 

*We do not offer show dog haircuts at this time, and if your pup is needing a specialty haircut, please consult with the staff prior to scheduling an appointment.

* ALL PRICING LISTED BELOW IS OUR STARTING RANGE. Upon arrival and after consulting with staff and our groomers, we will be able to give a closer estimate for your pets grooming service. Many factors such as the state of your pets fur, behavioral issues, de-shedding required etc. are taken into consideration when determining your pets grooming service cost.

We will keep in contact throughout your pets grooming services to ensure that all parties are happy!